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Maple Mayhem -habanero-infused maple syrup

Maple Mayhem -habanero-infused maple syrup


Our habanero-infused maple syrup is made from the highest quality ingredients. Vermont's maple trees provide the sweet & sun-dried ground habanero pepper mash provides the heat. Use your imagination when cooking with Maple Mayhem: maple-glazed salmon, chicken & waffles, or grilled Brussel sprouts; the possibilities are endless!

- 6 fl. oz. glass bottle

- Heat level = Medium

- All natural 

- Veteran Owned & American Grown

- Made in Columbia, SC

  • About The General's Hot Sauce

    The General's Hot Sauce was conceived by a group of veterans at a tailgater during the 2012 Army-Navy football game. Inspired by a close friend who actually serves as a general in the military and loves to make wings for his friends and family, the company launched with a simple mission: - Produce the highest quality American-made, all-natural, gourmet hot sauce possible, using the very best ingredients, and borrowing tactics from the bourbon and wine industries. - Support the American farmer by growing all our peppers in the U.S. We think you should be able to trace every pepper back to the acre of land where it was grown, and we can do just that. - Serve the greater good by creating jobs for veterans, and by donating a meaningful percentage of our profits back to organizations that support our troops, veterans, and their families. - Build an honorable company that we can all be proud of, and have as much fun as humanly possible as we do it. For us, it's not a race to be the biggest, nor will we cut corners to be the cheapest. We'd much rather focus on making great sauces from American-grown peppers. If you care about all-natural products made by an organization that is committed to goals that extend far beyond just maximizing profits, then you're in exactly the right place. 

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