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Mushroom Cheese Board

Mushroom Cheese Board


The Mushroom Collection is inspired by the whimsical magic of fairy tales. Humbly emerging from the earth, these fungi have been known for thousands of years to contain mystical powers. They have been used by shamans from cultures all over the world to procure enlightenment and celebrate the deep interconnectedness of life. Michael’s iconic Butterfly Ginkgo is perched upon each piece, further tying in the notion of metamorphosis and transcendent experiences.

“Mushrooms sprout from nothing yet capture a sense of fantasy. Like in classic fairy tales with gnomes and fairies, I imagine mushrooms carpeting an enchanted forest floor in a way that is utterly phantasmagorical.” - M

  • 12" Lx 8.5" W x 2.5" H
  • Spreader 5.5" L
  • Marble
  • Natural & Oxidized Brass
  • Nickelplate
  • Stainless Steel