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Meadow Aiken is a family- owned shop that opened October 10, 2023. 


Owned by Nikki Mackenzie and her two daughters, Kristen Waters and Malia Bybee. 

After falling in love with the friendly people and historic charm of Aiken on a family vacation, we just knew we needed to be here. After searching for just the right property we found a charming, southern house at 1216 Whiskey Road. Built almost 100 years ago it's served most recently as a real estate office, a salon, and an interior design shop. While it needed some work, we knew it was the perfect home for Meadow Aiken. We took the leap of faith and got to work breathing new life into the property. It was important to us to retain as many original features of the house as possible. We love the lived in look of our creaky old wood floors and original wavy glass windows. Now each unique room of the home features an array of gifts and other home décor that we think you'll love. We can't wait to share our beautiful boutique with you. 

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