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Juniper Incense 44oz Driftwood Tray Candle

Juniper Incense 44oz Driftwood Tray Candle


Fragrance: JUNIPER INCENSE- Cade and sweet cedarwood mixed with just enough lavender, raspberry and cinnamon to create a bright fragrance that can be used all year long.


Our 44oz Driftwood Tray candle is hand carved from renewable mango wood. It has a weathered, light color with a braided raffia tassel, handsome leather dust cover, and a tied jut decorative accent.

  • 4-wick soy wax blend candle
  • 21 in x 3.25 in | 44 ounces
  • 50 hours of burn time
  • Refillable with our candle refill kits
  • Reusable and designed to last a lifetime


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