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Juniper Incense Candle Refill Making Kit

Juniper Incense Candle Refill Making Kit


Fragrance:  JUNIPER INCENSE- Cade and sweet cedarwood mixed with just enough lavender, raspberry and cinnamon to create a bright fragrance that can be used all year long.


Immerse yourself in a relaxing atmosphere with Himalayan fragrances. All of Himalyan Handmade Candle's containers are meant to be reused so you can make your favorite candle last forever. Select the same fragrance as before, or you can choose another to experience something new.

  • 8 cubes of 4 oz scented wax (32 ounces total)
  • Soy wax blend, fragrance compound oil
  • Glue dots & 6 wicks
  • Instruction card

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