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Mediterranean Herb Popcorn

Mediterranean Herb Popcorn


Zesty cheesy popcorn party! Dive into the savory symphony of oregano, garlic, and lemon—your taste buds' ticket to sun-kissed flavor paradise!


Cheesy popcorn bursting with aromatic oregano, a hint of garlic, and a splash of zesty lemon. This popcorn sensation is a savory symphony that transports your taste buds straight to the sun-kissed shores.  It's not just a snack; it's a passport to flavor paradise!


Poppy Popcorn is hand-crafted with love in Asheville, North Carolina. 



  • Ingredients

    Non-GMO Popcorn, White Cheddar Cheese Powder, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Mediterranean Spice Blend (Garlic Powder, Lemon Juice Powder, Tomato Powder, Basil, Greek Oregano, Black Pepper, Dill, Thyme, Rosemary), Sea Salt.

    Allergy Information: Contains: Milk. Manufactured in a facility that also processes: Egg, Wheat, Sesame, Peanuts, Soy, Almond, Cashew, Walnut, Pecan, Coconut.

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